In the Spirit Song Talent Competition, Brandon Gilliam fans continued their avid support and have logged more than 3,400 votes, while Mosteller has gathered more than 2,100 votes. Hour 6, Lakeshore and Building Nations are in the top five so far, but Matter of Fact is only nine votes away from the No. 5 spot.

Sincerely Jude claims top spot in votes over the weekend in the Kingsfest Talent Competition, while Daylight Burning nudges Rooted Deep out of the top 5. Hallel H.P., AMP and FM Williams Band remain in the top spots with less than 24 hours left in the voting portion of the competition.

Kingsfest Talent Competition standings, as of Monday, May 14th at about 1 p.m.

1.Sincerely Jude1,542 
2.Hallel H.P.1,336 
4.FM Williams Band1,117 
5.Daylight Burning792 
6.Rooted Deep563 
8.Admit One272 
9.Strike The Rock266 
10.The Sounds of Joy247 


 Spirit Song Talent Competition standings, as of Monday, May 14th at about 1 p.m.

1.Brandon Gilliam3,402 
5.Building Nations1,341 
6.Matter of Fact1,332 
7.Lexi Elisha356 
8.4th Normal Form Band281 
9.Josh Sadlon & the West 40239 
10.Brigitte Donoho194 

The voting portion of the talent competition is winding down. All votes must be cast by Noon on Tuesday, May 15th. So, fans may vote once today if they haven't already, and once more tomorrow morning. Then the top 5 finalists will be judged and the winner selected by a panel of industry professionals!

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Vote HERE for your Kingsfest talent competition indie favorite!